Essential UI Resources

By Juhan Sonin on 10 January 2013

I’m often asked “Can you give me some book references for good UI and usability design?” or “What are the 10 essential resources for the new UX worker?”

There are a metric ton of design books.

Most are mediocre. Chomping through to the creamy center and identifying the best software design books is time consuming.

Here is my list.

Required for all software designers and engineers at the Invo studio:

Other classic reads:

For sketching, a few recent rags have popped up that are compelling:

Lastly, when diving into type, chew on:

For a fabulous face to face experience with a living legend of information design, spend $375 and a day at the Edward Tufte Workshop. While most of his books are unreadable (which are all included as part of the experience), the graphic examples and visual lessons are phenomenal.

… and drum roll …

I have yet to find the penultimate resource, an interface field guide, that’s for the craftsman, that’s more visual, uses real examples, that’s free, constantly evolving,¬†under 100 pages, and fits in my pocket. It maybe an impossible task to make.
We’re pushing the Design Axioms to be just that resource.

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  1. Michael Bester says:

    Thanks for the curated list, Juhan. There’s a few here I need to get for my bookshelf for sure. And I’m finally getting around to attending the Tufte workshop this March!

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