Ban Lorem Ipsum

By Juhan Sonin on 12 December 2012

There is no defense of using lorem ipsum as filler text. None.
Using it is like eating junk food. Garbage in = garbage out.

There are apologists like:

And the truth tellers like:

My rant on using real data on the Digital Life podcast (starting at the 12min mark):

Here are a few rough sketches for a potential design axiom card called “Ban Lorem Ipsum”, as sketched by Sarah Kaiser.

Draft ideas for a “Ban Lorem Ipsum” Card

Ban Lorem Ipsum Draft Render. While not quite The Design, it’s a start.

I will not hire a designer who uses lorem ipsum.
I will not contract a studio who uses on it.

Ban lorem ipsum.
It’s a crutch and hazardous to your design health. Using lorem ipsum as data filler is a classic design practice that instantly screws the pooch. Planting fake data into the comps and service produces a fake product.

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